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Sunfesst Australia bring you the “Twin Leafs” Luxury brand of gift teas. The collection of sophisticated design with vibrant tea flavours crafted from premium tea leaves offer you exceptional & healthy gifts to cherish with the dear ones on every memorable occasion. Our premium gift teas include caffeine free infusions, black teas, flavoured green teas and more. Our vision is to create the highest quality tea and infusion products while providing our customers with intriguing variety.
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  • Feel good gift collection
  • Premium fbop grade gift collection
  • Green tea gift collection
  • World book of teas gift collection
  • World tea – mailing box gift edition


The feel good collection brings you six vibrant all natural blends that promote your well-being and leave you feeling nice and fresh, ready to take on the world! Twin Leafs brings you healthy brews of caffeine free herbs, aromatic flowers, herbs rich in nature’s goodness and green tea rich in anti-oxidation in this bouquet of premium healthy infusions and tea. The least we can do to offer to make your day nicer is a cup of our healthy infusions crafted with care and passion. Here’s to healthy living & feeling good always!

6 Blends, 8 Tea bags each, Total 48 Tea Bags


Sensual is a blend of exotic ingredients offering you a perfect cup of joy on a romantic day. The blend is a marriage of exotic velvet bean leaves with potent herbs like ginseng, cinnamon and lavender to give you a concoction worth trying. A delight on the palate this blend is sure to leave you feeling nice and sensual.


Refine is a soothing blend which is rich in cleansing properties and is perfect to refine yourself and bounce back from the hectic schedule of day to day life. Fresh mints combine with spices and herbs to strike the perfect balance to help you re-claim your vibrant self.


Rejuvenate is a blend of sweet and tangy lemon scented herbs which combine to give a zesty feel and wake up and get you going in an instant. The sweet freshness of spearmint combines with the lemony zing of thyme and basil to give the palate a tingle worth remembering.


Relax is a relaxing blend rich in ingredients offering you a perfect cup of tea before sleep. The sweetness of chamomile blended with the bitter, spicy flavours of nutmeg, valerian root and sweetness of liquorice makes this a perfect after dinner beverage to rid you of the day’s stress and help you sleep like a baby.

Get fit

Get Fit is a blend of rich in anti-oxidants which are known to keep you in shape with balanced diet on a regular basis. Giving this green tea company is spicy cinnamon and ginger and a well rounded sweet and sour flavour from orange peels and ginseng. A few extra steps a day and few extra cups of this delightful blend and you can sit back and enjoy the new you!


Energize is a sumptuous caffeine free infusion of lemongrass, apple, orange peels & spices. All natural, free from added flavours and blended to balance the tanginess of lemongrass with the hot notes of Indian spices & rounded off to a mellow finish; a cup of this magical boost is all you need to get back up on your feet and onto the next big challenge for the day!


Twin Leafs brings you an exquisite collection of premium single origin teas from the most celebrated growing regions of India. As diverse is India in its food and culture the teas too represent a unique array of teas from growing regions ranging from Assam, & Darjeeling in the North to Nilgiris in the South of India. Each blend is crafted with care to bring your palate the unique characteristics of the terroir and give you ab sense of walking amongst the lush green tea bushes at almost 1200 meters above sea level! A sip of the Twin Leafs premium collection lets you join in on this journey and enjoy all the allure!

Enjoy the teas with the Classy strainer that accompanies this awesome collection

3 Blends, 25g each with a strainer

Russian earl grey

Exquisite Nilgiri region Black FBOP grade tea leaves are gently scented with Bergamot flavour & Lemongrass to give you this sensuous blend that is seductive in aroma and enchanting in flavour! Nilgiri tea is generally described as being a dark, intensely aromatic, fragrant and flavoured tea grown in the southern portion of the Western Ghats mountains of Southern India. Teas are grown at elevations ranging from 1000 to 2500 metres above sea level. The blend comprises delicate Nilgiri medium grown tea that is scented to achieve a perfect balance that will leave you craving for more!

Royal breakfast

A robust wake-me up FBOP grade blend of select teas from the Assam in the North & Nilgiris in the South of India give you the perfect cup of English Breakfast tea. Fine tea leaves selected for their strength and freshness give you a lovely golden hued cup perfect with a dash of milk and sugar to get you going! The Assam tea bush grows in a lowland region, in the valley of the Brahmaputra River ranging from 90 to 1200 metres above sea level, while the Nilgiri Teas are grown at elevations ranging from 1000 to 2500 metres above sea level.

Darjeeling delight

The champagne of teas, FBOP grade Darjeeling with its unique muscatel taste and pale yellow hued liquor is known worldwide for its one of a kind taste. This teas is grown only in India and is a delight when had without any additions. For the more adventurous a hint of lemon is good too! Grown at almost 1000 metres above sea level this tea encapsulates all the uniqueness of Darjeeling!


Twin Leafs green tea collection is perfect for any season. Our teas are freshly picked and carefully chosen to blend well with delicate flavours that give you a unique experience. The flavours can be enjoyed hot or even iced during hot summer months. So sit back and relax and soak in the freshness!

6 Blends, 10 Tea bags each, Total 60 Tea Bags


Tea, an age old beverage has a history as varied and rich as the number of variants that flood the market in the present day. Of the hundreds of countries that dot the globe some have age old traditions and cultures unique to them. The WORLD BOOK OF TEAS attempts at capturing the Romance of teas from EIGHT countries around the world and bringing a glimpse of some delightful blends to your palates.

8 Blends, 10 Tea bags each, Total 80 Tea Bags


Mexico has numerous indigenous herbs that native cultures used to make infusions for centuries before Spanish colonization. Mild stomach upset is often remedied with a drink made from lemongrass, or Limon. This drink is caffeine free and perfect as cooler on a hot summer day.

Moroccan mint

Maghrebi mint tea; also known as Moroccan, Touareg and Sahrawi mint tea, is a green tea prepared with spearmint leaves and sugar, traditional to the Greater Maghreb region (the northwest African countries of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, and Mauritania). This delightful blend is sweet, fragrant and refreshing to the palate and is perfect when had hot, even without sugar. The perfect remedy if you wish to rejuvenate and transport yourself in time to Morocco!


Hibiscus tea is especially popular in Sudan where it is often prepared by soaking the calyces in cold water for a few days and then straining the result. The deep red brew that results is a tangy, sour delight to the palate and can be enjoyed hot in winter or iced in sultry summers. It is almost a way of life in Egypt; as close as you can get to walking down crowded streets in Cairo offering you a glass of this beverage to soothe your nerves.

Green jasmine

Jasmine green tea is tea scented with aroma from jasmine blossoms to make a scented tea. The resulting flavour of jasmine tea is subtly sweet and highly fragrant. Scenting green tea with jasmine is a centuries old practice requiring an astonishing amount of skill, time and craftsmanship. For only a few months, Chinese tea growers are able to create this delicate and complex tea. First produced in China over 1,000 years ago, jasmine tea is made by scenting tea leaves with jasmine flowers.

Russian earl grey

Tea flavoured with Bergamot fruit, a citrus fruit originally found in Calabria, Italy is the key component of the now world famous Earl Grey. The Russians love their version of Earl Grey which includes a hint of lemon and lemongrass. The famous beverage is a symbol of aristocracy and is the most famous flavoured black tea blend world over.

Elma cayi

Apple based tea is very popular in Turkey and is synonymous with day to day Turkish life. Turkish tea is typically prepared using two stacked kettles called “caydanlik” specially designed for tea preparation. Water is brought to a boil in the larger lower kettle and then some of the water is used to fill the smaller kettle on top and steep (infuse) several spoons of loose tea leaves, producing very strong tea.

English breakfast

English breakfast tea is a traditional blend of teas originating from Assam, Ceylon, and Kenya. It is one of the most popular blended teas, common in British tea culture. English breakfast tea is a black tea blend usually described as full-bodied, robust, rich and blended to go well with milk and sugar, in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast.

Masala chai

Masala chai is a traditional Indian flavoured tea beverage made by brewing black tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs. Although traditionally prepared by a decoction of green cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, ground cloves, ground ginger, and black peppercorn together with black tea leaves.


Tea, an age old beverage has a history as varied and rich as the number of variants that flood the market in the present day. Of the hundreds of countries that dot the globe some have age old traditions and cultures unique to them. The WORLD FLAVOURS OF TEAS attempts at capturing the Romance of teas from SIX countries around the world and bringing a glimpse of some delightful blends to your palates.

6 Blends, 10 Tea bags each, Total 60 Tea Bags

Driven by the passion and love for teas, Sunfesst Australia is excited to bring you brands with products specifically crafted for Supermarkets & HORECA (Hotels, Restaurants and Café). Our brands are unique on their own and they will certainly turn tea drinking into a special experience for you
Sunfesst, sharing love with teas!

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