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About Us

About Sunfesst

After spending a decade in Australia, both studying and working as an Engineer in the heavy engineering industry with some of the biggest names, the founder of SUNFESST Vijay Gurusamy, decided it was time to return to his passion for entrepreneurship.

Hailing from the city of Coimbatore in the south of India, which lies just 100 km from the famous tea growing ranges of the Nilgiris, Vijay decided it was time to combine his love for tea with his know how of the tea regions and bring to consumers some of the best of teas in the world. And thus was born, SUNFESST.

With sophisticated design, innovative packaging and vibrant flavours, Sunfesst Australia bring you the memorable and delicious teas expertly crafted with love and passion. Our teas include caffeine free infusions, herbal teas, black teas, green teas, flavoured green teas and more. Our vision is to create the highest quality tea and infusion products while providing our customers with intriguing variety.

Sunfesst, sharing love with teas!

Private Label

Driven by the passion and love for teas, Sunfesst is happy to work with tea brands to co-create and produce your private label teas and herbs in various value-added formats. Our supply chain is specialised in providing the following solutions:

  • Double chambered tea bags without envelopes
  • Double chambered tea bags with foil envelopes/ paper crimped envelopes
  • Double chambered tea bags without staples without envelopes/ with foil envelopes
  • Nylon/ Soilon (Bio-degradable) triangular tea bags without/ with envelopes/ boxes
  • Round pot bags of 70 mm diameter
  • Square pot bags without string and tag
  • Loose leaf packing of tea and herbs in various formats like tins/ cartons/ pouches

What you get when you deal with SUNFESST is integrity, a passion for quality and a trusted partner for your growing business!

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